Features and examples

Managing controllers, middleware, html templates, and static files made easy. Fastro will load them when the server starts.

Feature Description
Command line interface Generate a project, auto restart if any changes detected
File system routing No need to register routes, controllers, middlewares, templates, or static files
Dependency injection Put all dependencies in a container and access them via function parameters
React remplate rendering Setup the html template in a very simple way
React SSR Create react components and define props in server side
Dynamic url param URL parameter can be accessed in very simple way
HTML template rendering Render HTML file with custom variable
Middleware Load middleware automatically
Data validation Validate payloads, parameters, queries, and headers
Proxy Load remote data and show the response
Query params Handle URL query parameter
Static files Load and handle static files automatically
Serverless deployment Google cloud run simplified deployment
Support body handling Handle payload form-data, x-www-form-urlencoded, json
Support cookie Handle cookies
URL prefix Add prefix to urls
URL rediretion Redirect url to target